Zenia Models Clara, 18 years old (from Dresden)
Clara was found by a model-agency and comes from Dresden. She had been working there for 2 years yet. At the moment, she's a schoolgirl and in her freetime she's acting a lot on animals. She likes horses the most and is very good in riding. Her second hobby is to work as an amateur-model. Last year she was far to young for erotic-photos. So we have to wait until she got 18 years old. After some meetings and talking she wanted to show up naked for the first time. So we met in an apartment near Leipzig and as we noticed, she was very shy, didn't sleep very well and got nervous. After some photos she got better and started posing more natural. She has a great young body and poses very well. As we met the second time, she got more relaxed. Unfortunately the weather wasn't that good ... so, better luck next time.
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Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls

Zenia Herzog