Zenia Models Colleen, 18 years old (from Halle)
This is Colleen, our new amateur-model from Halle at the Saale. She is 18 years old and would like to work at her families glasses-business later. Therefore she is taking an education at a compartment high school and wants to become an optician afterwards. After school, there is only a few time left for her hobbies. She likes dancing and shopping whenever it's possible and saves most of her money to buy her own car. Unfortunately, there's not enough money at the moment, so therefore she decided to work as a model at the weekends. To get a higher income, she has also gone for an erotic-shooting. At the first casting in our studio, we discovered she is not that shy at all. She has one dreamily - youthful figure and everything looks perfect. Beautiful big, almond-shaped eyes and a very erotic expression. After the first pictures were taken, she became more easy in working in front of the camera. The result is really great...
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Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls

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