Zenia Models Helena, 19 years from Hannover
Helena is a schoolgirl from Hannover and wants to work as a hotel manageress after her Higher School Certificate. Her father owns a hotel and would like to see her working within the family-business. By accident Helena found our website in the internet and while she was too shy to contact us, her father wrote an email to apply for a photoshooting. He already knew what kind of photos we want to take. So we asked them both to come into our studio. After some conversation the father left for about 4 hours to drink some coffee and we started to work with Helena. She is a really hot and spicy girl ... thatís for sure. These are hot pictures and the only existing one. So watch out. Itís worth it.
Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls
Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls

Zenia Herzog

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