Zenia Models Kirsten, 27 years from Berlin
Kirsten is a young naughty blonde who works for 4 years as an erotic model. She is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. There, she met a German about 8 years ago and came with him to Germany. She know that her your body is her capital. Therefore, she trained hard on her figure. In her youth, she had ballet lessons and is particularly supple. She has gorgeous long legs and a nose smile. And she has a small Butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder. It symbolizes freedom and a free creature. Or the development of the ugly Caterpillar to the beautiful butterflies. She is smart, educated and very self-confident. The tattoo dates back to her early youth and was the logo of a night bar, where she has been working for a short time. There she also learned to move incredibly erotically and without inhibitions towards foreign people to pose. It is a feast for the eyes. With sticking ass of course. Look at her - in the members area.
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Zenia Herzog