Zenia Models Leah, 26 years from Hamburg
Leah is a working business woman from Hamburg. She owns three cleaning companies and itís a well growing firm. A classy woman and she knows what she want. Today Leah wants to try out something new Ė erotic photos. So we offered her a free casting and invited her into our studio. She came packed up with lots of shoes and dresses, really excited to make this new experience. Even as she thought up the fact working naked in front of a camera, this will be no problem to her. So we start with our first undress-scene near the entrance Ė as you can see, Leah is having a lot of fun doing this crazy things. New and exciting. She is a special typ of woman, not a model type but this doesn't matter at all. So letís start: Undress girl!
Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls
Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls

Zenia Herzog

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