Zenia Models Sandy, 21 years from Leipzig
Sandy is a nice waitress working in a small pub in the west of Leipzig. She is always in good mood and likes to work there. So we approached her spontaneously and left our phone number. After only three days she called back and we made an appointment at the Cospudener Lake for our first casting. She was right on time and the weather was perfect: blue skies and sunshine. So this was fun to work. We gave her a very small bikini and she laught while putting in on. A hot feeling. Some strollers passed in the background as we started to take the first pictures. And suprise, after some minutes Sandy started to take her top off. Her breasts looked stunning in the bright sunlight. What a dream if every weekend would start this way. Sandy liked it the oily way and her luscious ass. Wonderful. You can see how much fun we had if you have a look at our photos.
Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls
Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls

Zenia Herzog

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