Zenia Models Sonya, 19 years old (from Dresden)
A natural, attractive and focussed girl from the saxonie-metropolis near the Elbe. Sonya is a really sporty type. Her hobbies are floor exercises and fencing. She's a disciple at the local highscool and wants to start studying sports-medicine oder sport-psychology later. It was her own idea to become an erotic-model. First she only thought about the money. Later on during a photo-shoot, she discovered how much fun it brings, to get naked in front of a camera. She has no problem beeing completely naked during the sessions and shows her natural talent and her charms. She loves to get attention and knows how men would react to photos like this. This thoughts get her hot and she's not afraid.
Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls
Zenia Girls Zenia Girls Zenia Girls

Zenia Herzog

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